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I Am All That I Am… and more!

I’ve started this blog because I am really over being labelled.   You cannot put me in a box that says ‘writer’ or ‘mother’ or ‘cellist’.  All of me does not fit under just one label.  I’m more like a diamond with multifacets of being-ness. What you see depends where the light is shining.

Sometimes the light illuminates my ‘writer’ facet, other days I shine it on my ‘earth mother’ facet.  I am also an artist, teacher, facilitator, student nurse, mother, girlfriend, daughter, spiritual being, earthy nature lover, author, traveler and musician.  It’s true.  I am all these things, and more.

The point is, I am not defined by what I do with my time but how brilliantly the shines a light on an aspect of my unique expression of divine source.  Some of the things I do are directly connected and aligned with my source-self and light up the world illuminating the path for others.  But there are other things I do that just light up the room so that I can see three feet in front of my own eyes.

Here in this virtual space, you will find me to be complex, dark, bitter, wise, reflective, musical, thoughtful, light, sad, anxious, loving, joyful and creative.  What you will not ever find is a fake person. Sometimes I will make mistakes, post things other people think I should not, try too hard, think too much, and fly in the face of convention.  I suspect that some readers may decide they don’t like me or what I have to say.  But others?  Well, I bet I’m not the only one in the world who feels they just cannot ignore the calling to be utterly and truly real.

I am all these things, I do all these jobs, I have all these facets.  None of them in their singularity define me, but together they make up the complex and spirited women named Kristy.

I am one diamond, many facets.

Which facet of your divinity are you illuminating today?

Which facet of your divinity are you illuminating today?


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