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Interview With The Spammer

Interview With The Spammer.

The Advantages of Having Depression

A beautiful appreciation and view of the ‘flip side’ of depression. I know some of my most creative, deep and soulful moments have been in the depths of a depressive episode. Perhaps the key is being able to observe the moment, whether good or not so good, and allow it to pass, making room for the next moment. xK

A Manic World

Author: Humans Are Weird


Depression isn’t a thing that people ever yearn for, or wish to acquire.

Those who experience this malevolent juggernaut of a psychosis don’t have “depression appreciation” days. We don’t congregate in throngs to throw our sad hands up in the air and praise depression’s forlorn overlord.

Nope. Depression’s the sort of thing that people usually despise. It’s an emotion, a train of thought, a feeling – a self-destructive entity living inside of us – that we, the Depressos, wish would leave us alone, and never return.

It’s abusive. It makes us hurt. It makes us cry. It tells us that we’re worthless. It smells funny. And ultimately, its happiness is contingent on our misery.

But today, I thought I’d do something a little bit different. Instead of poo-pooing depression, and all that it encompasses, I thought I’d outline the benefits that live inside of depression’s hapless…

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SHUT UP! I’m Busy Here.

SHUT UP! I’m Busy Here..

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